free clothes for people in need

check if you are eligibile

Who is eligible for free clothing at the Radford Clothing Bank?

You may receive free clothing, if you

  • are a resident of the New River Valley and
  • can verify your low income
  • or are currently residing at the Women's Resource Center or an assisted living home.

How can I verify my eligibility?

By bringing in any one of the following:

  • Food Stamp card
  • Medicaid card for a member of your immediate family
  • Proof than you are a TANF recipient
  • Letter from the Women's Resource Center or assisted living home

How often may I shop for free clothing?

Shoppers meeting the guidelines for free clothes may shop twice a month and fill a basket with clothes for each member of the family.

Each family member may have up to three of each item of clothes from the large non-priced area. Some exceptions: Shoppers are limited to one pair of jeans for each family member. Seasonal items such as winter coats and swim suits are reserved for one per family member during the season. We want to ensure that as many of our registered customers as possible have their clothing needs met!

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